Chef Mathew Armbruster / Sebastian Nico (p)

Hartford House has had a long and enviable history of great cooking. Our tradition of good food spans more than two decades now, and our celebrity chefs have long decorated the podiums of the nation’s leading restaurants. As what is arguably South Africa’s most remote eatery, Hartford House has enjoyed the acclaim not only of our own senior food critics, but also of several of the world’s leading scribes.

We count ourselves extremely lucky to be remembered for the wonders for which Richard Carstens, Jackie Cameron and Tijn Hahndiek became famous, and we’re not about to capitulate our role as facilitators of these legends, most of whom joined us in the flowering of their youth.

To this end, we’re proud to announce the appointment of Mathew Armbruster, who at 25, is already toting the CV of a master of his profession. A year ago, he was a major player in the team that earned The Chef’s Table the title of “Rising Star” at the annual “Eat Out” awards, and this year took them to number 15 nationally. Remembering that among the gourmet capitals of the world, South Africa is a totem destination by any standards, and considering his achievements at just 25, we like to believe that Hartford House has unraveled another of those young geniuses for which it has become known. And no-one among the nation’s “foodies” should be left wondering whether that’s just bravado! Come and see for yourself!