Mick Goss
We all know things are tight, tighter than they’ve been in a very long time. And if it weren’t for the expectation of the normalisation of our export protocols in the reasonably near future, the breeding landscape would be a bleak place indeed. With that in mind, we’ve spent a good deal of time pleading the case of broodmare owners across the board with our stallion principals, and they’re not only sympathetic but they’re as determined as we are to play their part in contributing towards the future viability of our customers’ operations.
— Mick Goss / Summerhill CEO

While it’s true that the outcomes of our breeding decisions this season will only greet the auctioneers in 2020, by which time we’ll not only have a new president, but we have to believe that the local economy will be steaming along at a merrier pace than it is right now. It remains a fact though, that too many horses are not making their production costs in the sales ring, and while the future may hold brighter prospects, the reality is that stallion fees are a material cost of every horseman’s budget, and we want to play a role in mitigating deficits in the meantime.

With this in mind, the Summerhill stallions are greeting the market head-on, gauged against their equivalent counterparts in other regions of the land, and we invite you, without blushing, to talk to us about your needs so that we can see what we can do to accommodate them. As usual, we’d like to think we have the capacity to surprise, so don’t be shy to pick up the phone: published stallion fees are one thing, reality is another.

Sire Published Reality
Act Of War R20,000 POA
Brave Tin Soldier R15,000 R10,000
Capetown Noir R20,000 R12,000
Linngari R20,000 R12,000
Willow Magic R20,000 R12,000