There’s been a lot of talk about the Ready To Run Gallops, and unprecedented social media traffic. And to keep the conversation going, here’s a shortlist of “physicals” from a show judge (in no particular order). Let us know if you agree

Lot 1 Readysetglo
Lot 2 Lord Muck
Lot 5 Corazon
Lot 7 Whatabeauty
Lot 10 What A Blast
Lot 11 Ace Race
Lot 12 Reconaissance
Lot 15 Misty Light
Lot 17 Disney Princess
Lot 19 The Invisible Man
Lot 23 Early Dawn
Lot 24 Satin Slipper
Lot 26 Insomniac
Lot 27 The Sands
Lot 28 Ritchi
Lot 29 Marcus Attilius
Lot 34 Rail Trip
Lot 35 See Me Run
Lot 36 Checkpoint Charlie
Lot 37 Bafana
Lot 40 Earl Of Grantham
Lot 47 Maplewood
Lot 53 Vi Va Pi Pa
Lot 54 Take-Off Mode
59 Try Again