Megan McLeod Jones
Megan McLeod Jones

Megan McLeod Jones / Baltimore Sun (p)


Megan McLeod Jones was promoted from Director of Client Relations at Team Valor to Vice President yesterday.

“It is time for her to step up and learn to take over the stable,” said Barry Irwin, president and owner of Team Valor. “She knows the company, she knows the clients, she knows the horses, she knows the stable staff and she is a tireless worker with a love for the game and Team Valor.”

The 29-year-old earned both her bachelors and masters degrees in marketing from Clemson University and was hired by Team Valor shortly after her graduation in 2008.

“Megan started at the bottom and learned the ropes from the ground up,” said Irwin. “She has been a constant surprise, as she turned out to be an outstanding writer and has contributed wonderfully to the Insiders’ Bulletin for the last several years. The clients adore her stories.”

While Irwin added that while he will be grooming Jones to take over the reins at Team Valor, he will still be in control and is unlikely to ever fully retire.

“I like it too much,” Irwin said. “But I foresee turning the reins over to Megan, who will handle the day-to-day activities before too long. Megan has a lot of great ideas that have been percolating in that active mind of hers. I for one look forward to seeing what she can bring to the table once she is let loose.”

Extract from Thoroughbred Daily News