hazel kayiya
hazel kayiya

Hazel Kayiya / School Of Management Excellence (p)

Extract from a letter from Hazel Kayiya,

School of Equine Management Excellence graduate, to Mick Goss

“I look back with fond memories over the 5 months I spent with the Summerhill family and it always brings tears to my eyes. It was a life changing experience, which continues to mould me to dare to dream, to do better, and be better. Thank you for your support, admiration and above all your strength. Summerhill and the School is my rock.

You posed the question “How do we get the youth to participate in the horseracing industry” at the Winter School 2013. Since then, I have been thinking how best to answer your question in such a way that would bring tangible positive results to the industry. As a result, I have decided to embark on doing study concerning the challenges surrounding the Horse Racing Industry, the impact on growth and sustainability. I am of the opinion once we drill down to the problems we will make better informed strategic decisions to address them.

In January of this year I registered with the Graduate School of Business and Leadership (UKZN) to do research on the Sustainability of the Horse Racing Industry in South Africa. The study will entail exploring the challenges faced by the Horse Racing industry and I hope to address your question during this process. The internship at the Hong Kong Jockey Club could not have come at a better time, it will provide me to with the opportunity to study from one of the racing models that’s considered to be the best currently.

I am also hoping that my study will be a foundation for my PHD, which I hope to commence next year; it will based on the application of Systems Dynamics in creating a strategic model that will have a positive impact on the sustainability of the industry. I am passionate about the Horseracing Industry and I am committed to its growth.

“Dare to Dream” looking forward to this exciting year filled with adventure, hard work and strengthening relationships.”

School Of Management Excellence, South Africa
School Of Management Excellence, South Africa

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