Tarryn Liebenberg
This past week has seen a bevy of Summerhill Sales graduates winning across the country.
Make note of 24 February 2015!
— Tarryn Liebeneberg / Pre-Training & Sales

1st - Admiral's Eye (Admire Main - Surfer's Eye)
For Charles Laird

1st - Highly Decorated (Captain Al - Spring Garland)
For Justin Snaith

1st - Penitent Pirate (Mullins Bay - Treasure)
For Chris Erasmus

1st - Tinchy Stryder (Mullins Bay - Model K)
For Sean Tarry

1st - Your Lordship (Admire Main - Gavelette)
For Alan Greeff

1st - Mulberry Bay (Mullins Bay - Juniper Berry)
For the Alexanders

1st - Die Kat (Tale Of The Cat - America's Idol)
For Michael Azzie

1st - Brave and Bold (Brave Tin Soldier - Forest Edge)
For Wendy Whitehead

1st - Tom Fool (Brave Tin Soldier - Golden National)
For Stephen Moffatt

1st - Chillingham (Mullins Bay - Frost Fairy)
For Robbie Hill

1st - White Tiger (Tiger Ridge - Refined Gold)
For Mike de Kock

Ready To Run x Summerhill = Heady Cocktail
Emperors Palace Summer Ready To Run Sale
24 February 2015