Rhino Revolution
Rhino Revolution

Watch an insert on Rhino Revolution and the use of ex-Racehorses

(A Jimmy and Aidan Lithgow Production)

“Rhino Revolution uses ex-racehorses in the war on poachers.”

The Rhino Revolution was started by concerned citizens in the town of Hoedspruit who called respected Rhino and property owners in the immediate area to a meeting to discuss the inaction surrounding the Rhino Poaching in the country.

The 7 Point Plan does not need to be followed sequentially but rather each topic or section is headed by an action group that is tasked weekly to progress on the issues at hand. With this more business like approach to Rhino.

They are consulting with the South African and International Media and embrace internationally high profile conservation individuals and NGO’s. Their  hope is to combine the multitude of small initiatives that are currently underway worldwide into a single global initiative that is results driven and focused on the well being of Rhino.

For more information please visit :

website: www.rhino-revolution.com

Email : info@rhino-revolution.com