forty niner racehorse
forty niner racehorse

Forty Niner

(Photo : Sport Horse)

A little pedigree goes a long way

The Hancocks don’t make many mistakes. That’s why America’s Claiborne Farm retains its aura of invincibility. But even Seth Hancock will concede that when he succumbed to what appeared an irresistible Japanese offer for his Travers Stakes hero, Forty Niner, the decision turned out to be a bum.

The events in the USA the past weekend revived the great stallion’s ghost as all five of that country’s major Stakes winners carried the blood of Forty Niner in the male line, and amazingly, considering how long pedigree pundits cautioned against it, all five were inbred to Forty Niner’s own sire, Mr. Prospector.

“Mr.P’s”; own unsoundness at the races was the obvious alarm bell, but considering his enormous contribution to the enhancement of the breed and the general resilience of his and his descendant’s stock, the days duplicating Mr P’s blood looks like the original “no-brainer”. This season alone there have been some 27 major race winners in the US carrying multiple strains of Mr.P.

That we cottoned onto the “wisdom” some time back is evident in the overwhelming concentration of his blood in our own stallion band. All of Muhtafal, Kahal, Stronghold, Mullins Bay, Way West, A.P. Arrow, Admire Main, Brave Tin Soldier and Malhub carry his genes, which leaves only Solskjaer and Ravishing on the “outer”.

Yesterday’s piece on Trippi, resident ofGaynor Rupert’s Drakenstein Stud, highlighted the achievements of the 11-year old stallion who also hails from the same line and incredibly, ranks as we write as America’s third leading sire of juveniles behind the outstanding horses, More Than Ready andIndian Charlie.