the ashes 2009 video
the ashes 2009 video

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Day 4 final session highlights of the final Ashes 2009 test

(Footage : ECB Cricket)

The npower Ashes series 2009

England’s 197 run victory over Australia in the final Ashes test on the weekend will have left one half of the world in ecstasy, and another with egg on their faces. We have friends in both places, so we’re not taking sides, but it’s time for us to salute the English and commiserate with our Aussie pals.

Victory over the Aussies has to be the sweetest thing for an Englishman, for all the abuse the Poms have to endure when they tour Down Under. It must be a hard thing for our Australian friends to swallow right now, their juggernaut having been at the head of affairs for so long, but we know the feeling that comes with enduring success, and the fact that when you’re down, the world will naturally rejoice. Chins up, pals, it’s part of the territory, and you’ll be back.

Talking of friends in two places, it’s rather like the Tale of Two Cities. Go to heaven for the climate, and to hell for the company!