“The oats is shooting and the new dam earthworks are on schedule…”
(Photos : Barbara Meier and Barry Watson)


Two weeks, since we last posted a progress report, is all it’s taken to transform the new Al Maktoum School Of Management Excellence site from a patch of bare earth into a nursery for a crop of oats.

Barry Watson and the agricultural team have worked tirelessly to carefully prepare the ground and time the planting to perfection, and their efforts have been rewarded with an ever-thickening carpet of brilliant green shoots. Oats was selected primarily because of its aggressive root structure which will serve to retain the soil until construction commences. However, it is also a fast growing crop and the above average rainfall for the period has, no doubt, been responsible for the crop’s great response.

The location of the school was selected to take advantage of the magnificent valley views of the Panjandrum and Preston Pan dams. To further enhance the view, an additional dam is being built immediately in front of the school site above Panjandrum Dam. The intention is to create the impression of a continuous cascade of water down the valley. The core of the new dam has been prepared and earthworks have been completed up to ground surface. All that now remains is for the earthworks above ground to be completed, which will take approximately 6 – 8 weeks, weather permitting.

rainfall graph      *Recorded February Rainfall 2007 to 2009 (mm)