bouncing foals at summerhill studSummerhill Foals
(Annet Becker)

Ever heard of this? Certainly not at Summerhill. Eight foals in one evening, between 5pm and 1am, eclipses our previous record of six, which we’ve known on four previous occasions.

And the sixteen on the weekend since Friday would constitute an entire season’s crop on some farms, so you can imagine our team will be pretty much “knackered” come December. The record came on Kerry Jack’s watch. A previous veteran of the Broodmare and Foalcare Manager’s portfolio herself, like her successor, Annet Becker, Kerry is a graduate of the Onderstepoort Veterinary School’s Vet Assistants course, so this was “all in a day’s work” for her, though she missed out on another big night at “Bellissimo’s” in the process.