jackie cameronJackie Cameron (Patrick Royal)Who has the time to eat breakfast everyday? I know I don’t, but let’s make it special!

With a simple “how to do” you can impress yourself, family and guests. Food is easy if you know how and are directed by a recipe that isn’t drawn out and complicated! I am going to show you how simple food can be. The ideas you read below will and can be used again and again in many other combinations. I know these recipes work as we use them on a daily basis in the restaurant. I will be explaining in detail how we have come up with these combinations and why; therefore, getting an in-depth understanding of the dishes. This added knowledge or information will, hopefully, stay with you and come through in other foodie items you may prepare. Every ingredient must have a reason and being on each individual plate.

breakfastGuests come to Hartford for many reasons but, I can’t believe, that some come just for the breakfast menu and especially the maltabella. Whether you are South African or not this rich malted grain sorghum porridge is either loved or detested. Honey (has always been very special from ancient times it has been regarded as the food of the gods, a symbol of wealth and happiness used both as food and as an offering) adds a natural sweetness and the roasted nuts a texture and a depthness of flavour enhancing the maltabella flavor. I never go overseas without taking a box of Maltabella to cook for the kitchen staff – proudly South African!

breakfastClick here to download Jackie Cameron’s Maltabella recipe.

To me the ultimate breakfast ingredient is smoked salmon. This automatically adds a grandness to your breakfast and what better way to have it than in an omelette. A Herbed Egg White Omelette (Chef’s note: a sweet or savoury dish made from beaten whole eggs, cooked in a frying pan, and served plain or with various additions) filled with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Scrambled Egg. The scrambled egg adds moisture to the impressively light omelette and the egg white omelette allows for the full bodied flavors of the smoked salmon to truly come out.

Click here to download Jackie Cameron’s Omelette recipe.

To round off a memorable breakfast you have to have flapjacks. (There is a flapjack thief in our kitchen –very much so undercover but always there.) Cranberry Flapjack, sweetened Cranberry Crème with Honey and Cranberry Sauce. The dried red berries, cranberries, in the flapjack adds an exciting tartness and texture. While the cream and honey marries all the flavors and the cranberry sauce takes you on a journey of discovery.

Click here to download Jackie Cameron’s Flapjack recipe.

Take these recipes and try them ( remembering, that there are more breakfast recipies to follow over the next few weeks). Let me know your response. Any food related questions – email me on jackie@hartford.co.za Looking forward to hearing from you.

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