Bob Frappell Bob Frappell (qldhc) Thoroughbred breeders in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales say there is no evidence to support claims the Equine Influenza vaccine is affecting the performance of horses.

Some trainers are reportedly claiming that their racehorses have been unable to reach peak performance because of reactions to the vaccines.

Queensland Thoroughbred Breeders Association President Bob Frappell says he has heard some anecdotal evidence to that effect, but doubts it is true.

“Over the next 12 months we’ll know (anyway) and it’ll take then that long to do the study,” he said.

Trainers David Hayes and Michael Moroney say they have had few, if any problems.

David Hayes says his horses have performed exceptionally well since the vaccines.

“I’ve been lucky enough to not feel the affects of the vaccinations. I really haven’t had a horse have any ill effects at all,” he said.

Michael Moroney says only a few of his horses have been performing below par.

“Ninety per cent of them have been fine. I suppose the hardest thing is when we drive to NSW we’ve had to have the third shot,” he said.

“But look on the whole it’s a hard one to judge.”

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Extract from ABC