A journey through the suites at Hartford House recently included among the Top Boutique hotels in South Africa.

This week’s choice of suite is the Mowgli Suite (Suite 8).

mowgliThis suite was part of the original stables built by Italian prisoners of war in 1941, some two years after the Ellis family had acquired Hartford. It is named for one of the greatest and most courageous horses ever to look through a bridle, Mowgli, who was voted in the year 2000 as the best racehorse in South African history, ahead of the legendary likes of Sea Cottage, Colorado King, Hawaii and Horse Chestnut.

Mowgli achieved his fame as a racehorse by winning six Group One races in the space of twelve weeks, a feat never again achieved by a racehorse anywhere in the world. However, his badge of courage came courtesy of the fact that he suffered from a chronic breathing problem. As he lowered his head and neck for the final run for home, his epiglottis would shut down on him, limiting him to just a breath or two as he struggled titanically up the straightways of South Africa’s most famous courses, several times causing him to collapse as he passed the post. There’s no doubt he knew where the wining post was, and he knew when he’d reached it, with the rest of the field at bay.

Sadly, this great warrior was unable to extend his genetic influence on account of a fatal paddock accident, which cost him his life shortly after he returned to stud.