lucky_houdalakisLucky Houdalakis
(Heather Morkel)

Wherever you look and whoever you listen to, there’s talk of the recession, but that’s not the way things are at the TBA complex in Germiston. Unusually, for a Ready to Run sale, there’ve been a number of “lookers” already, and yesterday morning alone witnessed a liberal sprinkling of serious players.

First on the scene this morning was the evergreen Ormond Ferraris, and while nobody is willing to hazard whether he’s nearer to 70 or 80, he waded through the 110 horses in the Summerhill draft like a spring chicken. His back is as erect as it would’ve been the day he left school, and never sought the refuge of a chair or a drink in five and a half hours. Driven when it comes to horses like few people we know, he’s the perfect example that when it comes to the game in the horse business, it’s 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Also in the fray was another senior ex-Jockey Club Chairman, Ronnie Napier, surely one of South Africa’s greatest ambassadors. Ronnie’s commitment to the Ready to Run sale springs from IMBONGI, who arrived yesterday morning at Frankfort airport after an uneventful journey on his way to Dubai. Among the younger brigade was eminent racing scribe, Charl Pretorius “sniffing for a good horse for himself and a few partners. Whilst JJ THE JET PLANE’s conditioner, Lucky Houdalakis got through 60 of the draft and still has some more to see.

And finally and by no means least, early favourite FAKAZI’s man, Paul Matchett was here with his clients Brian and Hilton burrowing his way through the entire draft.

We said finally, but that isn’t the case. As we were penning this note THEKKADY’s owners were rushing their way through a couple of Lots between meetings, intending to return between several more tomorrow. The news from THEKKADY’s trainer, Sean Tarry, at supper last night, was that she’s a filly high on talent and a big runner on Saturday in the Cup, if she doesn’t need a run after her recent trip to Cape Town.

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for the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale
2 November 2008

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