dnaWasn’t long ago, we were hosting the great trainer Terrance Millard, at Summerhill. A discussion ensued as to what constituted a good pedigree. Terrance’s contribution, after 50 years in the game was that “a good pedigree belongs to a good horse”. Not the definition most of us that read sales catalogues know, but rather the simple, straightforward version.

How right the maestro was. Witness those that belong the Champion racehorse, Foveros & Jet Master. Not a Black type horse in sight till they came along.

On Saturday, we saw an auspicious debut from our own Dancer’s Delight, own sister to Champion Pick Six. It wasn’t long ago our old pal David Mollet was saying there wasn’t much in Pick Six’s pedigree to recommend him as a Big Race runner. That all changed after the Gomma Gomma (SA’s richest horserace, of course) and Molly generously conceded after Dancer’s Delight’s grand debut, that, she was, at last, splendidly bred!

Congratulations to John and Diana Mellows who bred (and own her) with us. There’s more where this one came from.