6 AUGUST – 10 AUGUST 2007

beaulieuOn arrival we were warmly welcomed by the staff of Summerhill and given our programme for the week, which was filled with lots of learning opportunities.

We were taken on a tour of the stud which put us in absolute awe and anticipation to get to work and learn and experience more.

Our unforgettable time started promptly at 6:30 am on Tuesday morning, where we mucked out stables and groomed a bunch of inquisitive colts which took us on our first ride of the morning.

Moving on to the next three rides, all of which were the elegant young fillies of Summerhill.

The dedication and care that that is taken in training these READY TO RUN young horses was greatly admired.

The kings of Summerhill were going on parade, which gave us an opportunity to work with these fine stallions. Each given our favourite one to groom, we were set to task in getting them ready. This was no easy task as we discovered, these boys were getting ready for ‘mating season’ and with lots of testosterone in the air we had to be on our toes while working with them.

There could not have been a better time to be at Summerhill with all the mares getting ready to foal.

Frantic phone calls were made in the middle of the night as foals were born while ‘speedy Mrs Wood’ rushed to get us there in time. We were lucky to experience and learn form two gracious mares allowing us to watch.

On the veterinary side of things we were privileged to watch and learn a number of procedures done by Dr. Alan Bechard, and gained some valuable insight by those of us who are considering equine veterinary.

The study, application and scientific methods of nutrition and agriculture that are involved in making Summerhill so successful were an ‘eye-opener’ and inspiration to a lot of us.

On behalf of Beaulieu College we would like to thank all the staff at Summerhill Stud for sharing their expertise and passion with us and allowing us to be part of an incredible TEAM for a brief moment in time. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Thanking You,

Kirsty, Roxanne, Sasha, Nicole and Mrs. Wood.