alec hoggAlec HoggWe were honoured this weekend with the visit of radio, TV and financial world celebrity, Alec Hogg of Moneyweb.

Alec is of course, in terms of first loves, an avid horse fan, and he also serves on the boards of Phumelela and the Racing Association. He will be joining the group on our annual conference at the late David Rattray’s Fugitives’ Drift, where the topic of our deliberations this year is “World Class and Beyond”.

Alec will be freshly returned from the AGM of one of the world’s greatest investment groups, Berkshire Hathaway, where he has been invited to attend the inimitable Warren Buffet’s annual address. Given the subject matter of the conference, and Alec’s standing in the money and investment world, and his IT expertise, we can scarcely think of a more appropriate guest for our annual pilgrimage.