dylan cunhaDylan Cunha (JC Photos)“My assistant trainer Justin Vermaak and I were joking before the Summer Cup,’’ says Dylan Cunha. “We like to party and we agreed that we would drink till we fall over if we managed to win the big race!

“But I was run down after the event, a huge relief came over me and I was emotionally exhausted. I went home and got into bed, slept well into Sunday. Strategic News’s win only hit me when I woke up!’’

Dylan, at just 28 years of age, now ranks as the youngest trainer to win the Cup since then 24-year-old Mike de Kock won his first of seven in 1989.

“It’s a great feeling, I am on a cloud, but I realise that the hard work will never stop. I’ve had many setbacks and hard times, so I know that this is not the time to rest on my weekend laurels. I went to my stables on Sunday afternoon with a spring in my step, it’s easy when you’re having winners. But I know that racing can bring you down and I intend staying completely humble and focused.’’

Extract from www.freeracer.co.za