champion breederChampion Breeders 2005/6August 1. By midday, the temperature and wind hinted of snow despite the early blossoming cherry and apple trees belying the possibility. It was a day of routine for all the horses on the farm even as the date signaled a changing of the guard; a day when weanlings became yearlings, yearlings became 2yo’s, and in racing terms, the slates cleared for the start of a new year.

For Summerhill it was ‘work as usual’ even as the entire team from work riders to farm workers, stable hands, drivers, supervisers, trainee managers, grooms, night watchmen, and managers quietly celebrated the news of winning the Breeders Championship for a second year – the winning margin almost R4million ahead of the nearest competitor. It wasn’t just the honour of winning the Championship – again - it was the fact that we got to share the success with the 100 breeders who breed, raise and sell their horses with us. There was also the cream …  the fact that the final 2005/6 result heralded a new record for South African prize money.

In an interview with Robin Bruss on KEEPING TRACK, Mick Goss said that he believed that the Championship had resulted from the consistency of the horses that had performed this year.

He also said that there is no reason why everyone can’t live the dream.

“We started with half a mare, no business and no inheritance. We have proven that the horse business can sustain proper businesses.  We had limited resources and we had to do something so we educated our people and sent them abroad, we do some things very differently on the property from bio-farming to the way we farm, our nutritional programme is essential, we share excellent relationships with our principals, we have more than 100 partners in our horses, and the spirit with the way things are contested here is also an integral part of our success.”

Mick said he owed a debt of gratitude to South Africa, the land, and the Summerhill staff.

In addition to our clients and those who have been involved with and supported the stud in recent years we also wish to salute some other South African high achievers today: Mark Khan who was crowned champion jockey, Mike de Kock leading trainer and Gavin Larena champion apprentice.