Ah, the rain. Work in any other industry and you would be allowed to walk into the office and grumble about the wet ground and dripping trees … try doing that on a stud farm and you will have the entire agricultural team brandishing pitchforks and chasing you down the drive!

As Tarryn aptly summed it up however - “we have had loads of rain” - and as a result the horses had an easy week as the tracks were rated too wet to work on. Trotting was therefore the name of the game.

The final 4 of the unnamed two year old were christened - Art of War and Elite Force just 2 that resonate with the thought of “perfect for the winning photograph”.

Some of the big name trainers and international reps. arrive this week to make their first cut of this year’s Draft. Meanwhile the horses are off to the Summerhill grooming salon for mane-pulling, tail trimming, and loads of shampoo as the preparations get underway for next Friday’s gallops. When the rain lets up (as it has done every second day - a rather frustrating state of affairs if you are taking bets on a 3 days run of clear skies!) and the sunshine dries coats to satin it is quite easy to lean on a fence for half an hour or so and watch the youngsters romp and run, months of preparation revealing the race horse and not just a youthful frame.

Coming to the Gallops next Friday? Bookings are essential. Please call Linda on 033 263 1314 to reserve your place. As Mick says “it’s the most elegant day you can have in the country. Fine food, fine wine, and jolly fine race horses.”

We also have the “inside word” on who will be this year’s Sales Topper. Everyone on the Ready to Race team has been asked to put forward their best filly and colt. They have worked with the horses every day for the past five months and know better than anyone. Some selections may surprise you. We will unveil the results later this week.

Still missing your hard copy catalogue? Bloodstock South Africa reassures us that the catalogues are in the mail. Whilst a bit different to the comfort of catalogue pages that can be written all over and turned down we would recommend the online draft catalogue to assist you in the interim. Click on READY TO RACE DRAFT in the right hand column to access the 2006 Summerhill Ready to Race Draft. The site is updated daily.