Offering world class boarding and pre-training facilities, Summerhill Stud is the only place to board your horses in South Africa.

Summerhill provides the most comprehensive client service in South Africa.

Besides accommodating a sizeable proportion of the breeding stock of the nation's top owners, more than a third of the farm's resident horse population belong to customers in the United Kingdom, the USA, the UAE, Australia, France, Monaco and Hong Kong.


Being at the top often creates a perception that you must be the most expensive.

"Expensive" is a relative term, particularly in the world of thoroughbreds because it is not what you pay that matters. It's what you get that really counts.

Those that keep their horses with us will tell you that, when all is said and done, it's probably less "expensive" at Summerhill than most places, anywhere. And that's before we quantify the benefits that flow from your Breeders' Premiums and the knowledge that, when we're selling for you, you have one of the world's best teams at your disposal.

It's in the detail

Summerhill Stud has been crowned Champion South African Breeder for 9 consecutive years.

  • More than 3,000 acres of fully fenced secure paddocks
  • All pasture and crop land is maintained on strictly organic principles.
  • Carefully monitored complementary grazing programme to control parasites.
  • Paddocks sewn with a mixture of 11 grass species selected for optimal equine nutrition and growth.
  • These pasture-improved paddocks complement our natural grassland reserves.Internationally trained staff across foaling, yearling, ready to race, stallion and broodmare divisions
  • 260 stables
  • Yearling and stallion walker (the first in South Africa)
  • 2 x 1400 turf gallops, 2 x 1600m sand track and 2400 turf track.
  • Recent graduates from our tracks read like "Who's who" of the turf, and include :
  • 3 lunge arenas
  • On site veterinary care
  • Foal unit and surgery
  • Africa's best horse feed
  • The difference between a good feed and a great one amounts to a chasm. It can be the decider between defeat and glory, goodness and greatness, remembrance and immortality. That's why we feed VUMA.
  • 24-hour supervision