Vodacom Durban July 2016


Greyville, Turf, 2200m
2 July 2016

Legal Eagle (4G) 120 AT Sean Tarry
Abashiri (3G) 117 A Mike Azzie
French Navy (4G) 115 A Sean Tarry
Brazuca (AUS) (3C) 111 AT Johan Janse van Vuuren
Inara (4F) 111 A Mike Bass
New Predator (AUS) (3C) 110 A Johan Janse van Vuuren
Paterfamilias (6G) 110 BA Mike Bass
Unparalleled Scratched (4G) 110 A Johan Janse van Vuuren
Master Sabina (6G) 108 AT Geoff Woodruff
Samurai Blade (AUS) (3C) 108 AT Sean Tarry
Stonehenge (4C) 108 AT Sean Tarry
Bela-Bela (3F) 107 A Justin Snaith
Gold Onyx (NZ) (8G) 107 AT Sean Tarry
Mac De Lago (AUS) (4G) 107 AT Weiho Marwing
Olma (4F) 107 AT Frank Robinson
Punta Arenas (7G) 107 CA Dennis Drier
Silver Mountain (3F) 107 A Mike Bass
Black Arthur (3C) 106 A Justin Snaith
Deo Juvente (4G) 106 A Geoff Woodruff
Rabada (3C) 106 A Mike Azzie
Rocketball (3G) 105 AT Gavin van Zyl
Baritone Scratched (3C) 104 A Justin Snaith
Prospect Strike (3G) 104 AT Sean Tarry
Exit Here Scratched (3C) 103 BA Charles Laird
Master's Eye (4G) 103 A Justin Snaith
Solid Speed (5G) 103 BA Dean Kannemeyer
Halve The Deficit (7G) 102 A Sean Tarry
It Is Written (5G) 102 A Dean Kannemeyer
Negroamaro (3F) 102 A Johan Janse van Vuuren
Romany Prince (3G) 102 A Ormond Ferraris
Disco Al (6G) 101 A Joey Ramsden
Dynastic Power (5G) 101 A Vaughan Marshall
It's My Turn (3G) 101 A Justin Snaith
Ten Gun Salute (AUS) (3C) 101 AT Duncan Howells
The Conglomerate (AUS) (4G) 101 A Joey Ramsden
Trophy Wife (4F) 101 A Sean Tarry
Afrikaburn Scratched (4G) 100 AT Gavin van Zyl
Mambo Mime (3C) 100 A Dean Kannemeyer
St Tropez (4G) 99 A Joey Ramsden
Ultimate Dollar Scratched (4G) 99 A Justin Snaith
Balance Sheet (4G) 98 A Dean Kannemeyer
Dynamic (6G) 98 A Justin Snaith
Master Switch (4G) 98 AT Geoff Woodruff
Sylvester The Cat (3G) 98 A Duncan Howells
Diesel Jet (4C) 97 A Erico Verdonese
Marinaresco (3G) 97 BA Mike Bass
Cape Speed (3G) 96 A Dean Kannemeyer
Celtic Captain (3G) 96 BA Gavin van Zyl
Trading Profit (3G) 96 A Mike Azzie
Deputy Jud (4G) 95 A Mike Azzie
Saratoga Dancer (4G) 95 A Duncan Howells
Deputy Ryder (4F) 94 XA Neil Bruss
Stormy Eclipse Scratched (4G) 94 AT Charles Laird
Persian Rug Scratched (3F) 93 A Mike de Kock
Brooklyn Brawler (3G) 92 A Justin Snaith
Jubilee Line (3G) 92 A Mike de Kock
Nightingale (3F) 92 A Mike Bass
Silver Spring Scratched (7G) 92 A Gavin van Zyl
Unbelievable Chad Scratched (3G) 92 AT Paul Lafferty
Bankable Teddy (3C) 89 BA Brian Wiid
Ole Gunnar (3C) 88 AT Paul Lafferty
Rainy Day Blues (4G) 87 AT Joe Soma
Elusive Silva (3C) 86 A Justin Snaith
Night Shadow Scratched (4G) 86 A Gavin van Zyl
Milla’s World (3C) 85 A Sean Tarry
Fort Meyers Scratched (4C) 84 A Sean Tarry
Kinaan (AUS) Scratched (3C) 84 A Mike de Kock
Wargames Scratched (4G) 78 BAT Johan Janse van Vuuren

Important Vodacom Durban July dates to diarise:

  • First Supp. Entries: Close 11:00 Tuesday, 10 May 2016
  • Second Declaration: Close 11:00 Monday, 30 May 2016
  • Final Supp. Entries: Close 11:00 Monday, 6 June 2016
  • Weights Published: Tuesday, 7 June 2016
  • Final Declaration: Close 11:00 Monday, 20 June 2016
  • Final Field and Draw: Announcement of the Final Field and Barrier Draws will take place on Tuesday, 21 June 2016

*Public Gallops:  7am at Greyville Racecourse, Thursday, 23 June 2016