Alec Hogg
Everything in life runs to a rhythm. Even democracies. And history teaches us young democracies are turbulent, messy places. It takes time for Parliamentary rules of engagement to become ingrained. Until then, expect the unexpected.
— Alec Hogg /

So last week while the nation watched Parliamentarians engaged in fisticuffs and grandstanding, it was a reminder South Africa is simply acting its age. In August, the world watched Turkish MPs getting stuck into each other. A month earlier, roundhouses by Ukrainian Parliamentarians grabbed the headlines. The year before it was the Taiwanese. Today global news channels will show footage of well-fed fighters in red overalls.

On Sunday, President Jacob Zuma suggested to assembled editors he was well prepared for misbehaviour. The EFF obliged. As did the DA, following them out just like the chess playing ANC leader had anticipated. The smart money saw the fracas for what it was, the Rand gaining 10c from a pre-SONA low of R11.82 to the Dollar. Little wonder Zuma was unable to resist his trademark chuckle. Like Paul Kruger showed the Jameson Raiders 120 years ago, jingoism is no match for patient preparation.

Extract from BizNews/Bloomberg (p)