tba inter stud trophy
tba inter stud trophy

Team Summerhill / Leigh Willson (p)

“Let’s hope Jo’burg holds another victory!”

It seems winning can be habit-forming. At Summerveld on Sunday, our footballers took on the cream of Summerveld, Yellowstar, Clairwood and Ashburton, and showed them what the boys in green could do. This one is another feather in the cap of a crew that remain unbeaten in three renewals of the TBA’s Inter-Stud Trophy, which takes place over the Easter weekend.

Pictured above are :

Front row: Phumlani, Thabani, Michael, Elliot

2nd row : Sabelo, Olli, Snusuthu, Smakelo, Thulile

3rd row : Nthomfuthi, Lucky, Bongan, Lindiwe, Welcome

Back row : Patrick, Khuthlile, Mica

Well done Team Summerhill! Let’s hope Jo’burg holds another victory!

Summerhill Stud Logo
Summerhill Stud Logo