Hazel Kayiya
Hazel Kayiya

Hazel Kayiya - School of Excellence

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“…this is the time to reignite that passion that led you to the horse.”

There is nothing graceful about jumping onto a tractor, let alone a slippery one, and at 7am for that matter. After the first couple of times the eagerness of being on the back of the tractor falls away, the Vuma feed bags seem to be heavier with each load. This is not how I pictured my first day in the Mares and Foals division. I was so excited that I got to bed pretty early the night before in the hopes tomorrow would arrive sooner. Unfortunately, Murphy just had to mess with me - I was up at 3am and time seemed to have gone on a go-slow as I waited for dawn.

The Mare and Foal team redeemed themselves by moving me from feeding to the foal division after lunch. I have been told to wait for the time I get to foal one of my own, but it will always be the moment I first held a foal I’ll remember, how soft they feel and their fragility. The innocence in their eyes, before they discover vices such as rearing and bucking or even biting, but having a kick that will make every father proud and the mothers wishing they could bubble wrap them. This is what it’s all about, our future champions in the making. I don’t think a play of words can ever articulate how I felt the first time I held a foal. I am sure there will be other ‘firsts’ that will come and go, things that will make me cry and smile, but nothing will ever impact on my life the way holding that foal did, for the first time. At that very moment, one thing was certain, as sure as death and taxes are, I know I am in this for life.

The breeding season is a time for new beginnings, but also a time to reflect on what made us fall in love with these beauties. Is it their eyes or their graceful walk, is it their serenity or their acceptance of who we are? Is it that in them, you see your dreams coming true? Some play the lotto, others like to take a chance with the horses, but whatever it is, this is the time to reignite that passion that led you to the horse. As for me, what got me in, was the speed, but what keeps me here, is the reverie that a champion has passed through my hands. I can’t wait for the day these majestic creatures grace us with their presence at Gold Circle, the home of Champion’s Season, but until then, here is to an amazing 2013 breeding season, may they enjoy their stay at the Home of Legends, 9-time Champion Breeder, Summerhill Stud.

Hazel Kayiya

School of Excellence

Class of 2013

School Of Management Excellence, South Africa
School Of Management Excellence, South Africa

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