Sajjhaa wins the Jebel Hatta
Sajjhaa wins the Jebel Hatta

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(Image and footage : Dubai Racing Meydan)

US$300,000 JEBEL HATTA (Group 1)

Meydan, Turf, 1800m

9 March 2013

Igugu, the international favourite for Saturday’s Group 1 Jebel Hatta over 1800m on turf at Meydan, disappointed her legion of followers again when failing to make the frame behind the winner, Sajjhaa.

Setting aside the fact that Igugu looked well on parade, ran a promising race up to a point and actually improved significantly at the turnaround in weights with Sajjhaa (she was only beaten three lengths), Mike de Kock has chosen to put matters in perspective for Igugu’s swell of supporters without going into academic race detail.

He said after the race on Saturday evening: “There have already been a few armchair critics who have written Igugu off, but I want to note that I am not concerned about what we’ve seen from her in her two races here in Dubai. I want to set the troubled minds to rest. There are factors which have contributed to Igugu’s below-par runs, they are things we all have to keep firmly in mind. She’s most certainly not a lost case. Far from it!”

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