Oscar Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius

Oscar on the farm a few years back

(Photo : Leigh Willson)

“We’ve encouraged him to tell the story as it happened.”

Let it be said, we introduced the world’s most famous paralympian to horseracing with his colourful trainer, Michael Azzie. He bought his first filly, Watchful, from us at the Ready To Run, and to use his words, she gave him some of his greatest thrills. He has always said that his favourite getaway is Hartford House, and his favourite chef, Jackie Cameron. Some years back, Oscar Pistorius was a regular guest here, and he came across as your regular, sport-crazy Pretoria Boys High old boy. His fame did not appear to intrude at all on his decency, and he managed the adulation of his fans with a good dose of humility. Nothing was too much trouble for him. That’s the Oscar we know.

So where has it all gone wrong? The stories of his petulance, his troubled relationships, and the things that have led to this day, are beyond understanding. All we can say to Oscar, is tell it like it is. A precious life has been lost.

There are too many stories of celebrities who enjoyed the respect, the support, and in the case of an amputee like Oscar, the sympathy of the world, who’ve sacrificed it on the altar of convenience. Remember the outpouring of sympathy of the world for America following 9/11, and how they squandered it on the pretences that lay behind the Iraqi war. Or to bring it home, how our own rap star, Jub Jub incurred the loathing of his fans with his lack of remorse in the wake of the kids he killed under a haze of alcohol? O.J. Simpson did the same, so did Lance Armstrong. Jilted admirers quickly become enemies.

We’ve encouraged him to tell the story as it happened. The forensics and the circumstances will find him out otherwise, and if there is anything to hide, he’ll be in more trouble than he needs. Knowing him, he will. But this time, it’ll be tougher, much tougher, than Olympic Gold.