Ready To Run Sale Lot 88 - Fastnet Rock x Reem Albaraari
Ready To Run Sale Lot 88 - Fastnet Rock x Reem Albaraari

Lot 88: Ilitshe (AUS) (Fastnet Rock x Reem Albaraari)

(Photo : Leigh Willson)


TBA Sales Complex, Germiston

2nd and 4th November 2012

The catalogue for the 2012 version of the Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale is “fat” with its number of foreign-bred entries; no sale in South African history has ever carried so many. It’s not so much though, in the numbers themselves, but rather in the quality of the stallions and the “ink” in the pedigrees. Who would have thought, for example, that we may one day see a son of the incomparable Fastnet Rock within the binding of a local sales programme, now that we know that no stallion in Australian history (no, not even his own extraordinary sire, Danehill), measures up to his record at the same stage. And so the book goes on.

If that hasn’t already got your juices going, then perhaps this will. These horses were bought when the Rand against the Aus Dollar still measured in the “sevens”, yet this morning you’d have to give nine and some change of our battered currency, for every Australian. Which means if you wanted to buy the same stock today, you’d have to give of the order of 30% more for your purchase. As we used to say in our early promotions, you don’t have to go to Sydney to buy them. They’ll be right here at Block A in a week and a bit’s time.

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