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Con Roux N3TC

Con Roux - N3TC

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We’re humbled daily by the kindness and generosity shown by big business in the advocacy of educational opportunities in our part of the world. Below is a message penned by one of the sponsors of the Al Maktoum School Of Management Excellence, N3 Toll Concession Commercial Manager, Con Roux.

“Hi Megan,

Please convey my warmest appreciation to Mick and Cheryl for the invitation to visit Summerhill yesterday. I shall remember the students’ Powerpoint presentations for a very long time. It was incredibly moving to see them stand before such an illustrious gathering, overcome their nerves and language difficulties, and present the learning from their course in an almost reverential manner. The course clearly has meant the world to them. Summerhill can be justly proud of what has been achieved and N3TC is privileged to have played a small part.

Thank you Heather and your students for being such an inspiration to us all.

Thank you also for the warm and generous hospitality. I was thrilled beyond words to see Ed and Margie Southey again after all these years!

Best Regards,

Con Roux

Commercial Manager


N3 Toll Concession
N3 Toll Concession