Old Farm Computer
Old Farm Computer

…tucked away in this somewhat remote neck of the woods.

(Image : 960V Deviant/Summerhill Blog)


The Summerhill blog is on fire. In the month to the 30th of June, our unique visitors increased by close to 80%, with a doubling in South African visitors and an increase of more than 40% from the United Kingdom.

The Alexa Rankings tell us that we leapt a remarkable 18,000 positions internationally (from 197,229 to 179,529). Nationally we cracked the inner thousand for the first time, improving our position by more than 350 from 1,183 to 833.

The Summerhill blog now attracts more than four times the traffic our nearest international competitors experience, and for a bunch of Zulu farmers tucked away in this somewhat remote neck of the woods, it’s quite astounding.

It’s also significant that Hartford House’s international ranking improved 46,000 places in a single month, something they’re seeing in advance bookings for the balance of the year. Heaven knows they deserve it, for the wonderful product they offer.