South African Eventing Championships
South African Eventing Championships

South African Eventing

(Photo : Vuma Horsefeeds)


Treverton Equestrian Centre

Treverton College, Mooi River, KZN

We’ve always been astonished at the 35 000-odd people that visit Summerhill and Hartford House annually (that’s 80-90 a day) and at the hundreds of thousands that traverse our web and blog sites. We’re mindful of the fact that we’re situated ten kilometres outside of one of the tiniest “dorps” in the Midlands, at the southernmost tip of what the civilized world calls the darkest continent, and we’re always flattered by the interest the world shows in what we’re up to.

This weekend, it’s the turn of Treverton School, which quite remarkably, has secured the hosting rights for the South African Eventing Championships, which take place in their magnificent grounds from the 21st to 23rd October. Treverton is deep in horse country, just outside Mooi River, a slow village with a little railway station, left behind by the Anglo-Boer War. There are more churches per capita than anywhere else, and old families and a bit of old money still abound.

Unsurprisingly, Treverton is home to the only privately-owned international standard eventing facility in South Africa, and located as it is in the centre of their wildlife conservancy, it’s a spectacular setting. The events of the past week however, raise a word of warning, and that lies in the Red Hartebeest which frequent the Treverton property. The most-watched wildlife event on YouTube during the past week was of a Red Hartebeest “flooring” a cyclist in our neighbourhood, so woe betide an eventer taking on a similar beast this weekend!

Well done Treverton. This is a major coup for little old Mooi River, and you can take a bow.

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