Summerhill Gallops Preparations
Summerhill Gallops Preparations

Summerhill Gallops Preparations

(Photo : Grant Norval)


Summerhill Stud, South Africa

Friday 14th October 2011

Somebody said the world was in recession, yet the results of the two most important sales in the world and the response we’ve had to our Emperors Palace Ready To Run gallops invitations, are suggesting otherwise.

Come what may, we’ll see a record turnout on Friday morning, and if we can believe the weather models, we’re in for a beautiful sunny day with just a hint of a breeze. Weather watchers at the gallops of the past three years will tell you it’s been chilly out there, so this is a welcome turnabout, provided the predictions can hold.

The ominous thing about mid-October, is the presence of a full moon. Local folklore has it that you’ll invariably get rain on the full moon in October, and that’s the reason our maize farmers wait for the 15th before they put seed in the ground. There’s a lot of praying and dice-throwing going on here right now, and no matter your preferred god, for heaven’s sake, join us on bended knee.

Either way, racing fans will be accommodated in a spectacular glass-enclosed marquee at Friday’s event. Come what may, whether you watch from the balcony or on the TV monitors, you’re assured of a good view, a great commentary, fine food and no limit to the wine. And the best company in racing.

P.S. Please remember the gallops will be followed by the selections of our panel of experts, who’ll be sharing their observations on what they expect the leading candidates to be, for next year’s R2million Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup. You want to build that into the timing for your forward-planning schedule.

The Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale

Sunday 6th November

*Six cheque payment scheme for qualifying buyers.

summerhill stud, south africa
summerhill stud, south africa

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