al maktoum school of management excellence
al maktoum school of management excellence

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May 2010

We talked this week about the return of some of our men on international scholarships. Education and skills upliftment was one of the pillars on which Summerhill built its Breeders Championships, recognising that we couldn’t separate ourselves from the crowd unless we took control of the things we were able to manage. When these were beyond our reach, we embraced nature, knowing that she works in her own way, and that the best way to succeed was to partner her.

We’re soon to take the next step, by raising the educational bar even further. If you’ve been a follower of these columns during the past twelve months, you’ll know we’ve been earnestly pressing ahead with our School Of Management Excellence. The school represents a number of things. In the first instance, the idea was to honour the contribution of the late Sheikh Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, not only to Summerhill, but also to KwaZulu Natal and South Africa. Secondly, it would serve as a rallying point for all farms and lovers of racing, where our social consciences could meet on the one idea on which there could be no argument. The world needs education in horses, but no country in the world needs it more than South Africa. This is the noblest way we could spend our money, and we’re quickly getting there.

We also wanted to build an institution of which all its scholars, its donors and educators could be proud. Anyone looking upon this edifice now, will know we meant business. Watch this space.