becky thomas, prince mdunjane and thabane nzimande
becky thomas, prince mdunjane and thabane nzimande

Becky Thomas, Prince Mdunjane and Thabane Nzimande

(Photo : Sequel Stallions, Barretts, Summerhill Stud)


Most of our readers know of our international programmes, and the scholarships we’ve established for members of our previously disadvantaged community. We’ve long been champions of the belief that the Zulus are among the world’s leading stockmen, but it took us many years to convince the world of their skill with horses. For the past thirteen, we’ve sent between two and four young Zulus abroad to work at the great farms in America, England and Ireland, and as we write, we have two in the States and two with the Swinburn family at Genesis Green in the UK.

Becky ThomasLackland Farm in Florida has been home for the past few months to Prince Mdunjane and Thabane Nzimande, where they’ve been riding out on the youngsters destined for the various Breeze Up Sales in those parts. From all accounts, they’ve been another roaring success, and both sides have benefited enormously.

If this world is going to work, it’s going to require an accommodation from those countries that preside over the financial resources of the planet, and a reciprocal effort from those who seek to be empowered. Becky Thomas recognised this long ago, hosting several of our staff over the years, and has been known to marvel at their skill, work ethic, and their sheer decency. Yet, not having visited South Africa, she won’t know what it means to these fellows and what it brings to our community. We should be forever indebted to Becky for sharing her expertise, and above all, for being so generous and caring to those we send.

The letter below, from our returning sons says it all.

Dear Linda and Everyone

I hope u all doing well and i hope the National Sale was good. And we are doing great and we are in California in Barretts Sale. I cant wait 2 see u guys because we have much 2 share with u guys, what we learn from Becky and her team. We learn a lot and most of the new things from us back there, in a short of time we spend with and her team. She is so great to us and she gave us a chance and teach us alot. Siyabonga kakhulu ngethuba enisiphe lona. Thank you very much for the chance that u gave us and i hope u will be proud about us when we teach others what we learn here. Thank you so much for this opportunity that you gave us to learn something new from Becky and her team and tell Mr Goss that We Salute him with greatest hornour and we so proud of him as our Tata. Until We Meet Again We Shall Simile. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO EVERY MOTHER ON A FARM.

Eric and Prince