wendy saint
wendy saint

Wendy Saint

(Photo : Leigh Willson)


There was disbelief at Summerhill when the boss employed a new PA by the surname of “Saint”. Some wags were quick to ask whatever he did to warrant such an appointment, and “saintly” is probably the most apt term in describing Wendy Saint, who came to us from a career as a long-serving stewardess in the front cabins of SAA. This is obviously where she honed her skills with people, and she arrived complete with all the dulcet greetings including a habit of answering the phone “Good day, Wendy Saint”.

Our stallion manager, Greig Muir, whose daily task is closer to manure than it is to mink, enquired when he heard this rather Victorian line of answering, “are you always this posh?”. When she answered that it was just her way, he was quick to say he’d need to take her out and roll her in some horse bog, to get it knocked out of her!

Don’t worry, Ms. Saint has her sleeves rolled up, like the rest of us, and she’s never let her smart upbringing interfere with a good day’s work.