nelson mandela
nelson mandela

Nelson Mandela

(Photo : Moreintelligentlife)


Yesterday marked the day on which the Nationalist government, which had held power in South Africa throughout the apartheid era commencing in 1948, announced the unbanning of the African National Congress and the release of Nelson Mandela. Nine days later, the secret which Finance Minister Barend Du Plessis had shared with several of South Africa’s senior business leaders at Summerhill several months before, became a reality.

History’s most famous prisoner walked free from Pollsmoor prison after 27 years of incarceration. The man who during his trail in the 1960’s had proclaimed that equality was a principle for which he had lived, and it was one for which he was prepared to die, went on to become democratic South Africa’s first elected president, and arguably the most famous man of all time. Certainly, he is the most exalted African ever, and this week marks the celebration of the most unusual life of our times.

It also marks the 20th anniversary of the decision on the part of the Rulers of Dubai to send stallion prospects to Summerhill, commencing with, in the case of Sheikh Maktoum’s Gainsborough Stud, the European Champion Stayer, Braashee, and in the case of Sheikh Hamdan’s Shadwell, the good miler, Rami. Both horses entered training later that year, and later served as the foundations of what has become one of racings best-told stories.

As part of our own celebration, we welcomed yesterday the man who was responsible for Sheikh Hamdan’s commitment to South Africa, Angus Gold, one of international racing’s most recognisable figures. The consummate professional, he’s built for Sheikh Hamdan a business of international renown at Summerhill, including the quality stallions, Muhtafaland Kahal.