jockey andrew fortune
jockey andrew fortune

Jockey Andrew Fortune

(Photo : Leigh Willson)


Andrew Fortune has conquered many things in his life, not the least of which a life-long battle with harmful substances. His is a real story of triumph over adversity, not only in terms of substance abuse, but against the odds of life. Andrew knows poverty, he knows struggle, and he knows about living on the margins, so his story as a jockey is something of a fairytale.

As talented a rider as this country (nay the world) has known, he came from nowhere the season before last to claim the jockey’s title, and moved us all with the most emotional acceptance speech we’ve known.

It wasn’t talent alone that took him there. It was the dedication of a real professional. That he took time out with the Alexander boys to throw his leg over a selection of Ready To Run candidates, tells us he is not abandoned the common touch.

An hour with Andrew is like a semester at college, and besides, it’s good for the soul.

Looking at the list of horses he rode, it was gratifying to hear he liked more than he didn’t, and he eulogised over more than a few.

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