summerhill ready to run gallops marquee
summerhill ready to run gallops marquee

Preparations are under way in the glass marquee…

(Photo : Summerhill Stud)


There’ve been two weather models predicting diametrically opposite results all week. The one a deluge, the other a relatively innocuous splash. The one is local, generated from a programme developed by the Universities of Pretoria and Cape Town, the other by Norway.

Though we’re looking forward to emerging from the driest winter in 40 years, the one thing we don’t want on the eve of the Ready To Run gallops, is a flood.

So we’ve been praying to a Norwegian god all week, and so far the damage has been minimal. What rain has fallen, has simply been soaked up by a parched earth, and in a fortnight, we’ll be looking like Ireland again : emerald.

There’s a lot of praying and dice-throwing going on here right now, and no matter your preferred god, for heaven’s sake, join us on a bended knee!

Either way, racing fans will be accommodated in a spectacular glass-enclosed marquee at tomorrow’s Emperors Palace Ready To Run gallops. So come what may, whether you watch from the balcony or on the TV monitors, you’re assured of a good view, a great commentary, fine food and no limit to the wine. And the best company in racing.

summerhill stud, south africa
summerhill stud, south africa

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