sheikh mohammed bin khalifa al maktoum
sheikh mohammed bin khalifa al maktoum

Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum

(Photo : Summerhill Stud)


There’s been a lot said about Dubai in the financial press of late, and people have been concerned. None less so than the Ruling Family of that country. One man though, for all his responsibilities, who never lies down in spirit at least, is His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifah Al Maktoum. To put him into perspective, his father was the elder brother of Sheikh Rashid, father of Sheikh Mohammed, the present ruler and Sheikh Hamdan, his deputy.

In years, “our” Sheik Mo, of Imbongi, Art Of War, Galant Gagnant and Asiatic Boy fame, is the senior Sheikh, and his great friend is Sheikh Hamdan, now in his 20th year of support at Summerhill. We took a moment this morning to share our strength with Sheikh Mohammed and his team, for an early resolution to the problems of his region. But you have to know the man to understand his spirit. “Indomitable” is a word that comes to mind. To make the load a little easier, ever the sportsman, His Highness is going trout fishing. A small trip to big sky country, to Argentina and a few more of the horses he gets up for in the morning.

Here is a man whom all horsemen look to for a benchmark. Winning or losing, he takes them both the same. The sport is all that matters. His generosity knows no bounds. Importantly, his friendship is pervasive.

And his wishes for a happy and fulfilling New Year, are extended to everyone in the Summerhill parish.

Tight lines, Your Highness. We know the Rio Corentasa, and we’ve seen those submarines. We look forward to the tales.