team summerhill 2005 equus awards
team summerhill 2005 equus awards

Mick and Cheryl Goss with Chris Helmbold, Heather Morkel,

Tarryn Liebenberg and Greig Muir at the 2005 Equus Awards

(Photo : JC Photographics)


You would think that earning our fifth consecutive Breeder’s title might leave us a little blasé about the hullabaloo that surrounds the Awards evening, once again being held at the Circus Maximus at the Emperors Palace’s D’ Oreale Grande. Don’t believe a word of it, we’re just as excited as we’ve ever been, never forgetting that in all of recorded history only six entities (and only one on this side of the Drakensberg) have aspired to the title.

And just to let you know how we’re feeling, we’re recalling the occasion of our first and second titles, which prompted us to remember it like this:

“For the first time, the most tightly-held trophy in racing found its home on the eastern side of the Drakensberg, and in a sense, the centre of the universe moved a little to the right, if you’re thinking of horses.

But what really was a first timer, was the number of people that shared in its celebration. Summerhill is not about one man or one family’s ambitions. It has raised generations, educated children, staffed other farms and opened the world to many who might not’ve known life otherwise. It’s a monument to hard work, sacrifice and innovation.

Besides those that earn their crust at Summerhill, on the podium that night we shared the joys of the Premiership with at least 100 others, who partnered us in the horses that took us there. Without them, we’d still be running for place money.

To show how much it meant to all of us, that same night we painted the City of Gold in a colour that matched the morning sunrise, just to let them know the Summerhill team had been visiting. By the time we reach this year’s celebrations, we’ll be getting to know our way around Jo’burg too. It’s one helluva town, if our memories serve us properly.

If you want to join the party, it’s never too late. Just dial the Champions.”

summerhill stud
summerhill stud

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