dennis drier and gill drierDennis and Gill Drier
(Summerhill Stud)

The first wave of yearling “judges” arrived this week. We spoke about them in yesterday’s posting, and while many of them are keeping their cards close to their chests, one of the country’s oldest and most celebrated “pickers”, Dennis Drier and wife Gill, phoned on their way back to Summerveld. It’s not often horsemen display their cards, but Dennis is one who wears his colours on his chest, and he was big enough to take the trouble to tell us that this was one of the best drafts of yearlings he’d seen.

While conceding that last year’s were a quality bunch, too, Dennis just felt these were another cut above, and while he’s always been an admirer of the progeny of Kahal, and recognising that these were the first generation following his climb to fame, Den felt the difference was palpable.

There’s enough gloom and doom about right now, especially if you’re a telly watcher, and it’s moments like these that light up the day.

mouseClick here to view the Summerhill draft
for the 2009 Emperors Palace National Yearling Sales