south africa alive with possibility
south africa alive with possibility

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According to the Sunday Times, South Africa is one of the friendliest places to settle and work, say expatriates - but they rate the country’s transport system rather ordinary.

This emerged from a study commissioned by UK bank HSBC from UK-based research company Freshminds. It was conducted in 26 countries between February and April.

The study looked at factors including food, accommodation, entertainment and transport which had a direct impact on expats’ lifestyles in their countries of residence.

Of the 3100 expats who participated in the survey, 58% had lived abroad for five years or longer.

The study found that in South Africa, a foreigner had a 91% chance of being integrated into the local community.

Of the countries surveyed, South Africa led the pack as the preferred country to settle down in.

Expats gave the thumbs up to healthcare, and being able to find accommodation and schools for their children.

 The study also found that South Africans welcomed expatriates into their community, and it ranked the country third out of 26 for the quality of its social life.

The UK, however, was rated top of the list for entertainment. South Africa took 14th place - and came in at seventh for its healthcare system.

France topped the list for cullinary excellence - 71% of expats identified the country with its quality of food, while SA took eighth spot.

South Africans ranked second only to Bahrainis for their friendliness to expatriates. Belgium was found to be the least friendly place for expatriates.

SA’s transport system scored 22nd place, just ahead of countries like Mexico, Malaysia and India. Vietnam was rated as having the worst transport system.

And while 31% of the surveyed group living in the UK reported that their health had deteriorated since settling in that country, SA ranked third in offering a better quality of life.

South Africa also scored top marks for providing the most hobbies.

south african tourism
south african tourism

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