solskjaer stallion
solskjaer stallion


(Photo : Summerhill Stud)

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8 NOVEMBER 2009 


charl pretorius
charl pretorius

Charl Pretorius star Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sported the Number 20 on his Red Devil-jersey, which has some significance. Ten foals sired by his namesake will pass through the auctioneer’s ring at the 2009 Emperors Ready To Run Sale on 8 November, but whatever you pay for Solskjaer’s exquisite offspring will be worth twice as much in a normal, active market.

Market-watchers at earlier this year’s Emperors Palace National Sale will vividly recall that it was all of Ormond Ferraris, Mike Bass, Charles Laird, Mike de Kock, Barry Irwin and Herman Brown Snr that were the principal pursuers of Solskjaer’s first progeny through the ring, driving his average to R522,000, which was second only behind Jet Master overall, and ahead of the lofty likes of Fort Wood, Western Winter etc.

While that’s a barely believable result, it’s gratifying to hear from people who have them, that they’re beginning to look like value for their money, because that’s the single biggest factor influencing life in general right now.

Earlier this week, Champion trainer, Charles Laird, took the trouble to pick up the phone and ring Summerhill Stud. He didn’t have to, but he felt he wanted to share the news that his R280,000 Solskjaer colt was his most pleasing two-year-old at the moment, and that in common with most “Danehills”, he doesn’t only show natural ability, but has the action of a good horse. Jane Thomas has been banging on about him for months, so this was a welcome endorsement.


As it happens, 67 members (62%) of Summerhill’s 2009 R2R draft are fillies. This reminds one that the Chinese name every New Year to an animal. Now it’s the turn of the horse or, in this case, perhaps the Year Of The Filly?

When you invest in a Summerhill-bred, you’re investing in bloodstock families rich in tradition. When Mick and brother Pat Goss started out in the breeding game, they had to make every penny count and so went down the road least travelled, otherwise known as the one with the smallest downside. They painstakingly picked out fillies they thought would run, and with just about as much pedigree as they could afford. With the passage of time, however, these girls became the foundation stock at Summerhill.

Decades later, we could make an old South African proverb applicable to the pride of Mooi River - “Kyk Hoe Lyk Hy Nou!” Liberally translated, this means five consecutive Breeders’ Championships, and one of the best known stud farms in the world.

Dates for your notebook :

16 October : Breezing, Summerhill Stud

18 October : Breezing, Turffontein

7 November : 2009 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup

8 November : 2009 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale

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