best racehorse sale sale in the world
best racehorse sale sale in the world

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8 NOVEMBER 2009 

1:15pm Wednesday 22 July. Scottsville. A landmark moment in Ready To Run history. A R2.2million graduate of the Summerhill Ready To Run draft, the son of Rock of Gibraltar comes home lonely. First time out, he’s most people’s idea of the starting favourite for the R1.5million Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup. Maybe a stallion prospect of the future.

At the other end of the spectrum, in Africa’s richest race on the sand, R90,000 “steal” Phunyuka, leads them a merry dance in the R600,000 Emerald Cup.

It’s war out there. North vs South, “haves” against “have nots”, stallion prospects against geldings.

And last year, the fillies spoilt the party for all of them.

Reality is, with Summerhill’s Ready To Run, there’s a horse for everyone. And if you want to really know the facts, go to and click Ready To Run.

Besides, there’s a substantial saving for the customer on the costs of keep, and the best education of a racehorse anywhere. Plus the bonanza of a ticket in the sweep for the fourth richest race in South Africa.

Restricted to graduates of the Emperors Palace Ready To Run.