michael nefdt
michael nefdt

Michael Nefdt

(Photo : Kerry Jack)


You all know that the Summerhill blog is one of the most visited sites in racing, and when we make that claim, we speak of the world, not only of this continent.

By any standards anywhere, (and you should visit them to verify it), it represents a signal standard for the industry. There are any number of contributors to the work that appears on the site, but there’s no-one who’s taken greater ownership of it than Michael Nefdt, whose preoccupation is to “blog” and “blog”, and then to “blog” again.

He belongs to our “Durban” branch, Xpressions Advertising and Design, and because he’s young and prefers the lights, he’s based in Sharks’ territory, not far from the ABSA stadium. Fortunately for him, he won’t have to travel too far to see the next two rounds of the Currie Cup! But then, that’s what being a Sharks man means!

Naturally creative, you can see his talents everyday on our blog, yet it’s not only what appears on the bald face of it, it’s the research, the delving and the never-give-up response to his work that makes Michael the master of his craft.

It’s not often the backroom boys get a salute, but this one’s long overdue. Hail Michael!