lamb chop sheep
Lamb Chop
(Photo : Annet Becker)

megan romeynSheep have played an integral role in the lives of humans since the earliest of time, not only in the more obvious role as food, but also that of “companions to stallions”.

Jet Master had a sheep-friend named David (apparently named after the trainer David Ferraris!) who lived with him after his retirement.

Our own Lamb Chop was originally brought to Summerhill to play companion to Requiem. After Requiem’s move to Klawervlei, Lamb Chop stayed on and became companion to Way West. During her tenure with Way West, Lamb Chop was seen to enjoy the Life of Riley. With frequent visits to the Vuma Feed Mill, she quickly gained a significant amount of weight and soon resembled a “bulging barrel”!

Today, Lamb Chop is constant companion to resident Summerhill stallion, Mullins Bay, and the two pals can be seen grazing side by side in the paddock. She even keeps him company in his box at night! Lamb Chop has been placed on “reduced” rations and is looking quite a dish (…a lot sleeker) these days.

No-one knows Lamb Chop’s exact age but she is an integral part of the Summerhill scene and life without her would certainly be dull, especially for our boy Mullins Bay.