kahal, cataloochee and malhubKahal, Cataloochee and Malhub
(Grant Norval)

A glance at the South African Stallion Register of two decades ago, reveals two things. A good many more stallions than we have today, and an inclination to use the moderate relatives of this or that Classic winner or top class runner. But seldom the top class runner himself.

Enter the Ruling Family of Dubai, and a policy of respecting the fact that this business is about running, that a good pedigree belongs to a good horse, and the rules changed. Those rules have served us well, to the degree that there’s not a soul at the farm who wouldn’t acknowledge the role of racing class in our stallions in Summerhill’s four consecutive Breeder’s Championships. In fact, it’s one of the bedrocks on which our success has been founded.

Horses that have that winning attitude, don’t have it because they were good racehorses. They were good racehorses because they had that attitude, and it’s a combination of their athleticism and their will-to-win that they’ve passed on to their progeny.

Now take a glance at our current line-up, and apart from the depth of their pedigrees, you’ll find that class at the racecourse is embedded in their CV’s. To the last. Then look at their stud fees, and you’ll discover another thing. The market speaks. Summerhill listens. And only then do we fix our prices.

What it all comes down to, is this . If you’re not using a Summerhill stallion, ask yourself or your advisors, why not? Ever since we opened the gates in our valley, right here is where our most successful colleagues have staked their prospects. And luck had very little to do with it.

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