stronghold stallionStronghold
(Greig Muir)

It’s always gratifying when breeders travel their mares thousands of kilometers across the mountains to your stallions, but it’s even more satisfying when your new horses are the target of their ambitions. Just this past week, some of the Nation’s leading stud farms have confirmed their bookings, including Ascot Stud, Boland Stud, Gary Player, John Kramer, Hymie Maisel, Bosworth farm, and our erstwhile friends and neighbours John and Beth Brandtner.

At a time when some of our local colleagues are re-examining their strategies, there can be no sounder reaffirmation of what’s available here than the endorsement of people of this stature, bearing in mind that they join a throng of others who had confirmed their bookings much earlier. 

As much as anything, it’s not only a tribute to the stallions themselves , but also to the comparative value they represent.  We are more than proud of our association with these people, who go to such lengths to provide their mares with these opportunities.

As we have so often said in the past, it’s not what you pay that matters.  It’s what you get for your money that really counts.