peter fabricius and paris perfectPeter Fabricius and Paris Perfect
(Wally Strydom/Summerhill)

We’ve always held the softest of spots for the Eastern Cape. The boss grew up in Pondoland, and if you could hear him banging on in Xhosa, you’d know that he’s still firmly rooted there. We’ve the warmest affection for Port Elizabeth and its racing, and we’ve had many a horse thrive in that neck of the woods. In the past five years alone, we’ve seen three Horse of the Year Champions emerging from our paddocks, all courtesy of our association with Peter and Gail Fabricius, and their trainer Des “Choppies” MacLachlan “.

Rewind that many years ago and you’ll dig up BRIGADIER PARKER, a duel holder of the title and a R45,000 graduate of the Ready to Run draft. It took another forty-odd thousand to secure the next one, dual Horse of the Year, HEAR THE DRUMS. This 18 time winner just took out the title of Champion Older Male and Champion Sprinter again.

This time Horse of the Year went to MUHTAFAL’s son, PARIS PERFECT, the Champion Three-Year-Old, as well as the winner of the greatest tag in East Cape racing. Recently sold for a multi-million Rand sum to Saudi Arabia, the 10-time winner will not be able emulate his predecessors, but we’re confident he’ll show the Saudis what galloping is all about.

Meanwhile our best wishes to those top sportsmen (let’s not forget the lady!) and while we’re about it, to our long-time friend and patron, Alec Foster and his wife “The Honourable”, on JETTURA’s Champion Three Year Old Filly title.